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Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid

Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid, Tris(phosphonomethyl)amine; Nitrilotrimethylphosphonic acid; Aminotris(methylphosphonic acid); NTMP, ATMP




Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid 2DAmino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid 3D


[Bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]methylphosphonic acid





Molar mass

299,048 g/mol


1,33 g/cm3 (20 °C)


In water 61 g/100 mL

ATMP is a phosphoric acid derivative produced by a Mannich reaction using ammonia, formaldehyde and phosphoric acid. The chemical formula of the compound is N(CH2PO3H2)3. Due to its excellent chelating properties, it is more effective in inhibiting the formation of precipitates (sedimentation) on membranes than polyphosphates. May inhibit sedimentation in aqueous systems. ATMP is a phosphonate analogue of nitrilotriacetic acid.

In the cleaning industry, ATMP is used as an anti-corrosive additive in metal surface cleaners, as a surfactant that does not foam (automotive care products, cleaning and furniture care products, laundry and dishwashing products). Also used as a water softener which binds metal ions in a chelating form.

In the heating industry, ATMP is used as a metal ion binder in heating or refrigeration systems to prevent the formation of lime scale deposits. At the same time, ATMP phosphonate has a corrosion inhibiting function which prevents melting and rusting of iron and copper (bronze) parts. The recommended use rates are 1-20 mg/L if used as a water softener and metal ion binder, and 20-60 mg/L to have a corrosion inhibiting function.

In the weaving industry and in fabric dyeing, ATMP is used as an additive to dye baths to bind metal ions, to allow better penetration of the dye into the fabric, and to keep the colour intact.

In water treatment, amino trimethyl phosphonic acid is used in the production of distilled water by reverse osmosis as a lime inhibitor. ATMP binds calcium and magnesium ions, thus keeping the membrane free of blockages and eliminating the need for additional cleaning or washing. ATMP is often found in membrane cleaners.

In the petroleum industry, ATMP is used in drilling fluids as a viscosity regulator. ATMP can be encountered as a main component of lubricating fluids or as an additive to lubricating fluids.

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Signal word: Caution

Hazard icons:

Danger phrases:

H290 May corrode metals.

H319 Causes severe eye irritation.

Precautionary statements:

P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye/face protection.

P234 Store only in the original container.

P305+P351+P338 IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES: Wash gently with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and if easy to do so. Continue to wash eyes.

P337+P313 If eye irritation persists: seek medical advice.

P390 Absorb spillage to avoid material damage.

P406 Store in a corrosion-resistant container with a resistant inner coating.

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