Carbonates, carboxylates

Carbonates and carboxylates are compounds with a carboxyl functional group (COOH). Metals with a carboxyl group are called carbonates and are considered to be inorganic compounds, while higher chain compounds with this group are called carboxylates. Carboxylates act both as both chelating agents and chelates binding metal ions. Carboxylates with more functional groups act as thickeners, solvents or polymers with other functions.


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Carbonates have a wide range of applications: sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate are used in cooking, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate in cleaning, washing, laundry, manganese carbonate in crop production as a trace element.
Carboxylates are used in cosmetics e.g. polysorbates, carbomer, petroleum jelly, fatty acids etc.
Most popular products sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, polysorbate, carbomer, sodium percarbonate.

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