Solvents are substances that dissolve water-insoluble oily or waxy derivatives. They are usually quite volatile compounds with a relatively high evaporation rate and are alcohols, ethers or acidic derivatives with a strong polarity in the molecule. These compounds are commonly used as auxiliary agents to aid in the mixing of components, the removal of fatty residues, the drying of surfaces, or the extraction of active components from plants.


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Different solvents are used to process 3D parts due to their different evaporation rates: isopropanol, DPM, acetone, MEK, benzyl alcohol.
The solvents used for paint stripping are: benzyl alcohol, thioglycol, perchloroethylene, butyl acetate, PMA.
The best surface degreasers are ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, perchloroethylene, acetone, butanone (MEK).

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