Fragrance concentrates, essences

Scent concentrates, also known as fragrance essences, are mixtures of various compounds that have a particular scent or aroma. In other words, they are fragrances or flavourings. A single scent can be made up of 20-50 different compounds, which is why there are so many different scents. Most fragrances are insoluble in water or have a low solubility, so additional substances are needed to increase the mixing and solubility of fragrances. Fragrances used in cosmetics can change the viscosity of products.


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Fresh notes include: strawberry, orange, fresh lemon, apple, green apple.
Sweet notes: vanilla, hops and brewer's yeast, vanilla and avocado, avocado.
The most popular fragrance concentrates are: fresh lemon, avocado, apple and vanilla.

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