Phosphates, phosphonates

Phosphates and phosphonates are a group of inorganic and organic compounds containing a phosphate (PO4) group. Compounds with this group exhibit strong non-metallic properties, good chelating capacity (binding of metal ions in solutions), emulsifying properties, and stabilisation of other components, e.g. hypochlorite, fragrance compositions, perfumery formulations. These compounds can be used in crop production as a source of phosphorus.


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Phosphates are used as emulsifiers and moisture retainers. In food, they provide a sense of freshness, e.g. cola-type soft drinks, fermented products.
Phosphonates are used for their strong chelating ability, where they help to bind metal ions in solution, e.g. they bind the ions of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), barium (Ba), iron (Fe), and copper (Cu) in a thermophilic thermal system, so that they do not
The most popular products are phosphoric acid, trisodium phosphate, TKPP, SHMP.

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