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Manganese oxide

Manganese dioxide, pyrolusite




Manganese oxide 2DManganese oxide 3D





Molar mass

86,937 g/mol




Insoluble in water

Manganese dioxide is an inorganic compound with the formula MnO2. This black or brown solid is natural and is known as the mineral pyrolusite, which is the main constituent of manganese ore and the precursor of manganese compounds such as KMnO4.

In metalworking, manganese oxide is used as a metal surface hardener, in the production of metal alloys, as a constituent that gives strength to the metal alloy. Manganese oxide is also used to passivate metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion. In some cases, it can be used as a water repellent to prevent moisture from remaining on metal surfaces.

In the painting industry, manganese oxide is used as a black pigment in both paints and surface coatings. It is also used for coloring rubber products and for coloring plastic products. In glass and ceramics, manganese dioxide is used to extract brown and black colors.

In the manufacture of batteries, manganese oxide is a component of dry cells, such as alkaline batteries and the so-called 'Leclanché' batteries, or zinc-carbon batteries.

In construction, manganese oxide is used in the production of colored concrete products. The recommended yield is between 2 and 6 kg/100 kg cement. The intensity of the color depends on the aggregates and the color of the cement. It is recommended to use these products indoors, unless they have undergone additional treatment to make them resistant to outdoor conditions. In restoration, manganese oxide is used in the production of black oil paints, as manganese oxide has been used since ancient times to produce black-brown paint.

In schools, manganese oxide is used as a component or catalyst in experiments such as 'Elephant's toothpaste', in the production of chlorine gas by reacting it with hydrochloric acid, in the Manganese thermite experiment, where manganese oxide is mixed with aluminium powder and ignited with a magnesium torch. In hydrogen peroxide fission, manganese oxide is used as a cheaper alternative to potassium iodide, and as an alternative to potassium permanganate, which is subject to restrictions on availability. The rate of splitting is slower than that of potassium iodide, but the reaction is more stable, so that the paste effect is more apparent in the experiment.

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Signal word: CAUTION

Hazard icons:

Danger phrases:

H302+H332 Harmful if swallowed or inhaled

H373 May cause damage to organs (brain) by prolonged or repeated exposure (inhalation)

Precautionary statements:

P260 Do not inhale dust.

P314 In case of ill health, seek medical attention

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