DISTILLED WATER (ultra clean), L

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Distilled water

Hydrogen hydroxide, hydrogen oxide, dihydrogen monoxide, hydrogen monoxide, dihydrogen oxide, hydric acid, hydrohydroxic acid, hydroxic acid, hydrol, μ-oxido dihydrogen, κ1-hydroxyl hydrogen(0), Acqua, Agua, Eau, Wasser




Water 2DWater 3D







Molar mass

18 g/mol



0 °C – 0,9998396 g/mL
25 °C – 0,9970474 g/mL
95 °C – 0,961893 g/mL


0 °C – 0,9167 g/ml


Sparingly soluble in halogenated alkanes, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers. More soluble in alcohols, ketones, amines. Miscible with methanol, ethanol, propanol, isopropanol, acetone, glycerol. Partially miscible with diethyl ether, methyl ethyl ketones, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, bromine.

This is water without impurities, which is produced by heating it to boiling point (liquid water turns to steam), then condensing the steam back into liquid in another container. Like tap water, distilled water can be drunk, it will simply be pure water without any minerals.

For cars, distilled water can be used for engine cooling or cleaning as it does not leave any minerals behind after contact with a hot engine, which can then corrode the metal. Distilled water can also be used for the maintenance of lead-acid batteries found in cars or trucks. When batteries (accumulators) are recharged, the heat generated evaporates the water from the batteries and requires replenishment. If tap water which contains additional mineral impurities will be used instead of distilled water for this purpose, than it can cause corrosion of the electrodes in the battery.

In laboratories, distilled water is used to dilute materials without introducing additional impurities which may affect the test result. It is also used for washing laboratory vessels.

In medicine, it is often chosen for cleaning medical equipment, as it is free of mineral impurities and does not leave marks after washing, and it is very good at removing the residues of the detergent used to clean the equipment.

In the preservation distilled water is used for fruit and vegetables to preserve the natural color and flavor of the fruit or vegetable. Distilled water is also used to prevent the canned food from becoming cloudy. Similarly, distilled water can be used to preserve the natural color of vegetables by boiling them.

In air conditioning, distilled water is used in humidifiers. The use of distilled water in humidifiers prevents the formation of mineral deposits. Humidifiers that use distilled water are room air humidifiers, piano humidifiers and Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) humidifiers.

In steam irons is used distilled water because of their ability to leave no trace of mineral impurities after evaporation.

For sinus cleansing using a neti pot.

In cleaning, distilled water can be used for effective cleaning of windows, televisions, computer monitors, as it will not leave any marks when dried. When cleaning windows, distilled water dissolves dirt very efficiently, giving a detergent effect.

In the food industry, it is used in breweries as it does not affect the final taste of the beer. Used for the production of ice cubes. Ice cubes made from distilled water are crystal clear and do not affect the taste of beverages when used with them.

In cosmetics, it is used in lotions, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams or foams, soaps, because it is free of additional minerals and allows for maximum surfactant (surfactant-activated material) efficiency, resulting in lower consumption and higher efficacy of products

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